Prophylactic Treatment of a Surgical Site Infection in an At-Risk Patient

Michael Schurr, MD, Sarah Waterman-Manning, MD
Mountain Area Health Education Center, Asheville, NC


Patient Presentation

A 33-year old diabetic woman presented with a left arm MRSA-positive abscess in December 2017.

  • Patient also had medical history of ongoing tobacco abuse and recurrent necrotizing soft-tissue infections.
  • The abscess was drained and required multiple debridement procedures.
  • As a result, patient was left with chronic wound with exposed bicep tendon.
  • Attempted split-thickness skin-graft placement in January 2018 failed.

Failed Therapy

  • Negative pressure wound therapy
  • Intravenous antibiotics
  • Surgery


  • Exposed biceps tendon was covered with transparent Microlyte® Surgical.
  • Microlyte® Surgical was used to manage the surgical wound, which was closed via Z-plasty.
  • No oral or topical antibiotics were administered.
  • Oral or topical antibiotics were not administered.

Clinical Outcome

  • By post-operative day 4, there was no sign of infection.
  • By day 14, the wound was well-healed, and sutures were taken out.
  • The wound remained healed and patient regained range of motion in her left elbow.


  • Faster and more complete closure of a chronically infected wound was achieved by surgical wound management using Microlyte® Surgical compared to other failed therapie
  • This patient had multiple risk factors for postoperative surgical site infection including poor glycemic control, poly-microbial infection, and ongoing tobacco abuse.
  • At the time of surgery Microlyte® Surgical was well tolerated and associated with a positive outcome.
  • Microlyte® Surgical shows promise in the management of surgical wounds in at-risk patient populations.

Figure 1: A. Microlyte® Surgical is applied to surgical wound. B. Surgical wound is closed via Z-plasty. C. Surgical wound is healing and free of infection. D. Healing has progressed over 14 days and sutures have been removed.

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