Advanced Technology

Microlyte® Matrix is a one-of-a-kind synthetic wound matrix composed of bioresorbable polymers that is also antimicrobial.

The Microlyte® Difference

Microlyte® Matrix provides just the right combination of a synthetic wound matrix and moisture management to facilitate healing in acute and chronic wounds. Microlyte® Matrix comprises a polyelectrolyte multilayer (PEM) nanofilm of cationic and anionic polymers, which together act as a functional molecular template to facilitate the granulation in the wound bed. The nanofilm matrix is coated with a 20-micron layer of resorbable polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) to provide moisture management and product handleability. The nanofilm matrix contains a low level of ionic and metallic silver (<25µg/sq cm) to prevent microbial contamination and colonization of the matrix.  Reduction of bacterial bioburden may reduce microbial colonization and risks of wound infection.

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Matrix + Moisture – Microbes = Healing

Microlyte® Matrix facilitates healing in acute and chronic wounds through the matrix function of the PEM nanofilm. The PEM component of Microlyte® Matrix contains both anionic and cationic charged polymeric components which serve to shield approaching granulation cells from the generally disorganized surface chemistry common to wound beds. This masking provides a functional molecular matrix or template to facilitate the granulation process in the healing wound. The ultrathin formfactor of Microlyte® Matrix allows it to rapidly absorb wound fluid and transform into a material that intimately contours to the underlying wound bed. This places the matrix directly on the wound bed where it is most beneficial to the healing process. The hydrophilic and resorbable PVA in Microlyte® Matrix maintains a physiologically moist microenvironment in the wound, which further facilitates wound healing.

Discover the Microlyte® difference and why it should be your first choice in wound care

The advanced materials science employed in Microlyte® Matrix enables a one of a kind wound matrix that is fully-synthetic and bioresorbable, but is also antimicrobial. That’s why Microlyte® Matrix is trusted for surgical and non-surgical wounds at inpatient and outpatient facilities across the nation.

Through this unique advancement in wound care, its our hope that we can help patients return to their lives faster.

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