Patented Technology

Microlyte® Matrix is a one-of-a-kind wound matrix that is fully-synthetic, antimicrobial, and bioresorbable.

The Microlyte® Difference

Microlyte® Matrix absorbs wound fluid and forms a soft material that conforms to the wound surface and maintains a moist environment. Microlyte® Matrix is so thin that it inherently conforms to the underlying contours of a moist wound bed, providing intimate contact with the microbes on wound-bed. Antimicrobial silver in Microlyte® Matrix kills bacteria that come into contact with the product and reduces microbial colonization. This action reduces loss of silver in wound exudate and provides effective antimicrobial action at much lower silver concentrations. The dressing contains silver only to prevent or minimize microbial growth within the dressing. Reduction of bacterial bioburden may reduce microbial colonization and risks of wound infection.

Fast and Effective

Microlyte® Matrix is easy to apply. Once removed from its pouch and placed on a moist wound bed, Microlyte® Matrix immediately begins to hydrate and conform to the contours of the wound. Within seconds, the dressing has completely adhered to the wound and can be covered with the secondary dressing preferred for a given wound.

Microlyte® Matrix provides a low, but effective level of silver to the wound bed for at least 3 days to kill bacteria that come in contact with the product. This efficiency translates to less wound staining and lower residual toxicity.

Simply Peel and Place

To reapply, carefully remove the secondary cover dressing. Gently irrigate wound with sterile saline to remove necrotic tissue. It is not necessary to remove any residual Microlyte® Matrix observed during secondary cover dressing changes. Please refer to the full instructions for use.

Discover the Microlyte® difference and why it should be your first choice in wound care

The advanced materials science employed in Microlyte® enable a one of a kind wound matrix that is fully-synthetic, antimicrobial, and bioresorbable. That’s why Microlyte® is trusted for surgical and non-surgical wounds at inpatient and outpatient facilities across the nation.

Summary of Competitive Antimicrobial Formulations

Features Microlyte® Matrix Collagen-based matrices Conventional textile wound dressings Creams, ointments, and gels
Composition Synthetic polymer Collagen from various animal sources Alginates, other synthetic fibers Petrolatum or hydrogel-based
Silver species Ionic and Metallic Generally, ionic Ionic and Metallic Generally, ionic
Active silver residence time 3+ days Days Days Hours
Bioresorbable YES YES NO N/A
Cell invasion and capillary ingrowth YES YES NO N/A
Silver content (mg/100cm2) 1.2mg (1x) 1-2x 10-100x 10-100x
Risk of tissue toxicity Low Low Moderate-High Moderate-High
Easy to use? Yes, peel and place Needs hydration Needs hydration Requires frequent and often messy reapplications