How It Works

Microlyte® Matrix provides just the right combination of antimicrobial activities, moisture management, and a wound matrix to facilitate healing in acute and chronic wounds.

The Microlyte Difference

The advanced materials science employed in Microlyte® Matrix enables a one of a kind wound matrix that is fully-synthetic, antimicrobial, and bioresorbable. That’s why Microlyte® Matrix is trusted for surgical and non-surgical wounds at inpatient and outpatient facilities across the nation.

Through this unique advancement in wound care, its our hope that we can help patients return to their lives faster.

Fast and Effective

Microlyte® Matrix is easy to apply. Once removed from its pouch and placed on a moist wound bed, Microlyte® Matrix immediately begins to hydrate and conform to the contours of the wound. Within seconds, the dressing has completely adhered to the wound and can be covered with the secondary dressing preferred for a given wound.

Microlyte® Matrix provides a low, but effective level of silver to the wound bed for at least 3 days to kill bacteria that come in contact with the product. This efficiency translates to less wound staining and lower residual toxicity.


To reapply when instructed by your healthcare professional, carefully remove the secondary cover dressing. Gently irrigate wound with sterile water or saline to remove necrotic tissue. It is not necessary to remove any residual Microlyte® Matrix observed during secondary cover dressing changes. Please refer to the full instructions for use.