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Renewed Hope For Your Wound

Whether you are suffering from a chronic wound or fearing a lengthy treatment due to diabetes or other comorbidities, Microlyte® Matrix offers you a new treatment option that could significantly improvethe outcome of your wound.

Microlyte® Matrix absorbs into the wound, changing the terrain within the wound bed. A nanometer-thin bioresorbable matrix suspends nanoparticle silver close to the wound bed, killing bacteria without harming the skin.

Tell your doctor about this new option for your wound. Download the informational brochure and bring it into your doctor or ask them to visit this web page the next time you talk.

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“Being a diabetic, I was told my staph-infected wound could take months to heal. After only two weeks, my doctor and his staff were flabbergasted by the change! I am shocked and beyond grateful for Microlyte!”

— Chad G. (Patient, IL)

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“In my mind, it was critical in decreasing the wound healing time.” — John Ewell, Patient

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