Next Generation Antimicrobial Matrix

Microlyte® Matrix absorbs wound fluid and transforms into a bioresorbable gel that intimately contours to the underlying wound bed. It maintains a physiologically moist microenvironment. In vitro and in vivo, studies indicate that components of the matrix allow cell growth and neovascularization. 1,2,3

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Bioresorbable Matrix

100% bioresorbable polymer matrix eliminates the need to remove residual matrix from the wound2

Contours to Wound Bed

Absorbs wound fluid and serves as scaffold for cell migration, vascularization, granulation tissue formation1,2

Transparent & Synthetic

Allows for clear view of wound bed, isn’t of human or animal origin, and holds a long room-temp. shelf life6

Low Residual Toxicity

Less wound staining and needs only ˜1 µg/cm² Ag+ to kill microbes on the tissue surface7

Antimicrobial Activity

Microlyte contains bacteria-killing antimicrobial silver. Reduction of bacterial bioburden may reduce microbial colonization and risks of wound infection. This addition of ionic and metallic silver provides rapid, effective, and sustained antimicrobial activity.5

  • 510k-cleared for 3-day antimicrobial effect

  • >99.99% effective against a broad spectrum of wound-related microbes.4,5

“The property that I find unique in Microlyte is the total conformation to the wound bed as the thin film melts into all the crevices of a wound likely where the bacteria are hiding and preventing healing. It is also very easy to apply and may decrease irritation, such as itching, caused by other products.” Angela Gibson, MD, PhD, FACS Burn Surgeon and Medical Director UW Health “We like using this a lot, especially in wounds that have an irregular surface. It conforms to the wound base very readily. The multi-day antimicrobial effect is nice for wounds that may require compression or a secondary dressing that we don’t want to change everyday.” Jeffrey A. Niezgoda, MD President and Medical Director AZH Wound and Vascular “When I started using Microlyte AG, I noted less odor, less inflammation and less build up of slough. Drainage decreased and the ulcers showed signs of healing. Microlyte is easy to apply and because of its thin absorptive nature, does not limit the application of other dressings such as compression, foams, contact dressings, or casts. Microlyte is a wound treatment, not just a dressing.Marta Ostler PT Owner Purpose Physical Therapy

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